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matches today || Liverpool vs Wolves ،Tottenham vs Everton ،Brighton vs Manchester City ، Burnley vs Arsenal ، Leicester vs Chelsea ،


Liverpool vs Wolves

Liverpool is the hottest team in Europe right now. Their confidence has no limits after giving the boot to Barcelona, that too, after trailing by three goals, and with no away goal to count on. Anfield really did show that the ground is one of the toughest in the continent for visitors.

This Sunday, the ardent followers hope for one more miracle. They do have the elusive league title in their grasp, and all they would need is a win in this fixture, and for City to drop points at the same time.

The prospect is hard to happen, as City is taking on the 17th placed side in the table, but still, the Reds will hope for the best and would do their duty – that is, post three points on the board, against the Wolves.

Tottenham vs Everton

Tottenham showed their spirit on the road to make a miraculous comeback after going down 0-3 on aggregate against Ajax, in the CL semifinal. They are 90 minutes away from lifting their very first Champions League trophy, and it’s important that they put on a good showing in this final league fixture. Considering it’s at home, the turnout will be huge, and the performance will have to match the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Everton failed to secure the final European spot, despite their good efforts. No one could fault them though. The competition was cutthroat and intense. Still, they managed to do well in a league filled to the brim with talent.

Brighton vs Manchester City

One more game to go for Pep Guardiola and his boys to lift the trophy for the second time in running – an event that would be the first in England in the last ten years. Such is the level of competitiveness in the football-crazy nation.

Liverpool gave their best to stretch City to its limit, and it definitely did well to the sport in the country. It’s the first time in history that two teams concurrently posted 94+ points. It’s perhaps poetic that the most competitive league sees its eventual winner in the final match-day.

Brighton is safe from the relegation zone and considers themselves lucky that their future does not depend on this last game against the City juggernauts.

Burnley vs Arsenal

Arsenal needs a miracle to get into the top four of the Premier League this season. In the final match-day of the competition, they need to win, Spurs need to lose, and on top of that, the Gunners need to overcome a Goal Difference of 8 over Tottenham. It’s theoretically possible, practically not so much.

But still, in this season of wonders, where we saw Ajax almost running away with the glory of Champions League, we cannot just write off a miracle on counts of how absurd it is.

Unai Emery and his boys will hope for the best, and target at least a 0-4 win, and hope for Spurs to lose by the same margin or more.

Leicester vs Chelsea

Under normal circumstances, Chelsea would be the favorite to win this tie. But at this point of the season, when the Blues have already ensured a Champions League ticket, and they are right in the middle of their Europa League campaign, fans won’t complain if the team had an off night. Also, keep in mind that the team is on the road, against a previous Premier League Champion.

Leicester lost their opportunity to finish in one of the European spots, with their loss against Manchester City last match-day, that too with a wonder strike from unexpected scorer Vincent Kompany. The team deserves praise for putting on one hell of a show when their schedule pitted them against three top-six teams in the final three weeks.